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Quality-Trusted and Reliable Advisor

An independent partner in the Information and Communication Technologies, Cofely Quentris is one the of the best ICT integrators. We are the ICT competence centre for GDF SUEZ (Engie) in the Benelux. With the expertise and the rational base of knowledge, we are endeavoring to become a quality-trusted advisor to you. We are here to bring your valuable customer closer to your business.

With the advancement of technology and the Internet of Everything (IOE) strategy, it is easier to send and receive data. However the network must be made strong and secure enough to avoid losses or leakages of data. In order to avoid this, a data network that can hold up valuable information efficiently, flexibly, safely and securely with due diligence is necessary in today’s world.

With the help of our technology suppliers such as Cisco, Microsoft, Palo Alto, Watch Guard, Huawei, Aruba, Entrust, Avaya and many others, we help you with the best quality services for every type of network architecture.

Secured Networks

We, at Cofely Quentris, design, implement, optimize, manage and monitor any type of wired or wireless Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions with the latest technology.

The team at Cofely Quentris can look upon all the aspects such as the data room delivery, the racks, the cabling through Fiber and the UTP, working on the active components. We help you build a data network that has a cutting edge technology in network solutions. We have surveillance record tools for monitoring the components of the data network to avoid any discrepancies.

Our data centre, Crealys, provides the customers with innovative cloud services. A few of the prominent services are hosting your servers, pulling backup for your data and infrastructure of the data network.

Multimedia Integrated Applications

Improve the productivity and efficiency of your business users while at the same time reducing operational costs, this is the heart of the concept “Enterprise Communications” that Cofely Quentris brings to its customers.

A collaboration of Unified Communications and IP Telephony, the service uses multiple multimedia integrated applications that run through a single data network such as instant messaging, web conferencing, document sharing and many more.

Contact Centers

Cofely Quentris is installing the best and largest contact centers in Belgium for more than two decades now. We strive to bring the best data network that will avoid any business hindrance in your ICT environment.

In addition to this, we integrate contact center solutions, the ICT environment of customers with the mobile device, which is used regularly for smooth functioning.

The integration is provided to such an extent where the moment you get connected to the contact center, your data and mobile applications replace the interactive voice response to gather the meta data. Hence, you do not have to introduce yourself when connected to use the personalized service of the contact center.

We provide updated developments along with the CRM and ERP technological packages to our customers as well as .NET, C++, Java and mobile development applications.

Building Relationships

Cofely Quentris can serve you with a variety of services such as security and network audits, consultancy, designing, installation, optimization, maintenance and everything that suffices your needs. We engage ourselves in following up at the level of user adoption for secure and flexible maintenance. As total quality care is one of the ultimate objectives, we are here to build relationships with our trusted customers.

Running your business network securely is our responsibility!