Security is a prominent factor when it comes to data network building. Every packet of data must be safe and securely delivered from the transmitter to the receiver. A few of the risks associated are disruption in the services, breaching of data, fraudulent identification and misappropriate use of communication. All these factors can lead to heavy financial losses to the business and to the brand reputation.

At Cofely Quentris, considering all the factors, we keep your business security as our peak concern and provide you with the best design and controllable access to your valuable information and data.

Our team at Cofely Quentris can blend technology with security perfectly. We provide you with high quality and round the clock services for the betterment of your organization. We make sure your company does not have to deal with any sort of security threats and breaching to avoid damage to the reputation and branding.

With over 25 years of valuable experience, you can track our success through our clientele testimonials. We provide the best solutions and support for effective development, meet all the needs and requirements and help with a perfect security system.

Advantages or our Exclusive Services

Trained support system

Our team will help you solve every discrepancy. We are well equipped with a knowledge base that will solve your issues of security challenges.

Real time management

We monitor every mishandling or breaching of the data network if any of the warnings and precautions is not followed. Anybody surpassing the network’s security perimeter can be easily monitored and traced through our strong security system.

Control over cost and time

With our security systems, you do not have to spend extra resources for any other security assistance.

Handling Your Business Data Security

Adaptable Security

As it is your business, we want every infrastructure to be built, as per your ideas and thought processes. The needs and the requirements you put forth can help us in making strategies and a data network architecture for the perfect security elucidation. The right protection at the right spot of the network is our basic dictum for secure development of your business.

With such strategies, you can find the following details in your system.

  • Detect illegitimate access to your network protocols
  • Have control over the security of the network to avoid any future mishaps and discrepancies
  • Strong protection against malware attacks such as DDoS that can eat up your entire business network

Around the Clock Security Protection

Newer technologies coming into business realm is leading to develop strong security protection over every data transmission. To avoid any incongruity in your business and for proper functioning of your system, we help you with the following purposes.

  • Updating your system to fight every malware attack
  • Proactively remove threats without allowing it affect your system for a fraction of second

Success Ready future with our Security Solutions

You can only lead your business safely if there is no reason to worry about losing useful information through the network. As we have strong security solutions, we will not let any malfunction to risk your productivity or brand. We know how vulnerable any business can be if it is affected with the smallest level of malware attack. Hence, we have regular checks and assessments for the following.

  • Vulnerability evaluation
  • Privacy readiness assessment
  • Constant penetration testing

Security Built For Every Device

While taking precautions from every aspect over your data network, we don’t forget about Mobile Device Management. If you are leading your business through mobile devices and if such devices are tracked, lost or get locked, you can rely on us to help you in such situations. We wipe the information that is unnecessary for people outside your business network and help you live a peaceful life without letting any unknown handler use your data.