In today’s era where every business is given prime importance, there are few crucial factors that can help in building a strong infrastructure of any company. One such factor is the network, wired or wireless.

In the fast-paced world with globalization playing the lead role, one cannot live without having network connectivity. The internet is used everywhere to make transmission of data possible from one corner of the world to the other.

As technology keeps advancing; you need to pace up with this advancement and upgrade your systems periodically. New tools, innovative ways of communication and the latest technology must be accepted for the betterment of your business. However, digitization has made everything simpler than it was before. Hence, you can stay in network through the digital factors without any hindrance.

Keep your network on its toes; keep upgrading your system for better maintenance and impulsive business proceedings.

You have the ideas and thoughts to build our business, try our services to implement those ideas into practicality. At Cofely Quentris, we can prove to be the best supporters in making any technical changes and be your every-time expert partner. You can help us know your strategies and we will put forth a reliable smart network with our superior experience. Together we can win over every business challenge.

Our service advantages

Technologies for your business

30 Years experience matters – Cofely Quentris is a team of highly knowledgeable engineers, who know every inch of networking in business. We can help you right from the architectural stage to the maintenance of your network.

Quality – As quality is our prime objective, we build every design keeping the quality parameter, your business profile and newest technology in mind.

Support system – As technology can be difficult to use at first, you may face an issue or problem that needs to be resolved. Here we are again to help you! We have the strongest support system you can rely on without any second thoughts.

Economical yet elegant – Though we charge less, we know exactly how and where you can use our business network. We provide well customized network solutions that fit your business profile

Routing and switching – to keep pace with the day to day updates in infrastructure technology, it is always necessary to route and switch to the latest advancements. We will be of your complete help to this aspect to ensure matchless performance.

Wireless and mobility – Wired connections are long gone. The world believes to stay connected wireless. This is one of the riskiest yet important factors to work. However, for better user applications, we can help you to transform from LAN to wireless communication services. A complete elegant value to your business is what we will bring through Mobile Device Management, Bring your Own Device and guess access portals.

SDN and data center – An intelligently built network is the need of the hour. The network infrastructure that we provide you with will have the perfect virtualization effect to the service with readily available virtual storage data documents.

Security – Every infrastructure built by us goes hand in hand with security. We do not adjust the requirements with securities and due diligence. As every corporate office is a network in itself, there must not be any loop holes for leakages and outflows of information and data.

Maintenance and support – Every technology we build is profoundly supported with our maintenance and proactive management to get rid of any downtime issues. You get a complete maintenance record and support system as a strong backup from us.