Contact Center & Interactive Applications

Strategies of customer management services are built on two major support systems – Metrics and Media. These services need a considerable amount of focus in every aspect. With respect to the general use of voice and e-mail media, the encroachment and innovations in media is considered optimal. Many technological services such as chat, social media connection, video conferencing is adopted and utilized by every business. These services empower the application of contact management services and help in building a stronger base.

A two-way real time connection is required to replace the traditional voice and call media with a dynamic and superior response of Media. On the other hand, net promoter score approach has swapped the need to the earlier version of communication through Metric. The baseline and the maintenance for the traditional and current applications remain the same. However, the newer version needs strong consolidated reporting for comprehensive future knowledge and this is where we take the reins to ensure smooth transition.

A Connection through Contact Centers to the Customer Management Services

Our Value Added Services

Contact centers have to strive hard to pace up with the innovations in technology. It needs to maintain the latest emerging methods and terminologies and provide superior quality for enhanced communication. This is one of the prominent challenges, which the contact center has to face. A dynamic and rock solid base of infrastructure must be adapted to provide such quality service to the users through voice, mail and mobile services.

The contact centers must build the perfect connection to pass on the exact data from the transmitter to receiver, which is through the contact center to the customer management system. The communication made perfectly clear and no loopholes in the service is something that we can guarantee without any hesitation.

Cofely Quentris is serving the industry of media and communication for over 30 years now. We have built a strong foundation in facilities for perfect integration through media and customer relationship management through smart contact center solutions.

Our team is a unique qualified partner and work towards being a strong link between new-age media and applications for customer management services. We walk the extra mile for you to build your business right for the data network and its channels. This leads to enhanced productivity, improvement in customer experience and perfect satisfaction.

As we have matchless experience in this field, we know exactly what you will need to develop your business. A cost effective package that will be economical to your company and our services, can guarantee the perfect base for effective results.

Right from adapting the traditional strategies and building it with new technologies is our basic line of action. Supporting you with any-time support is an added benefit that none of our competitors can serve you. Your ideas and our experience can assemble the best products to serve your users. A project where no discrepancies are allowed is the real motto of our relationship with customers.

We will put our every inch of effort to build a strong mutual understanding to your ideas and thoughts. Getting your company closer to the customer is our primary objective!