Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud Computing Secure and Swift with Cofely Quentris

Technology is advancing with every tick of the clock. With wide usage of technology, many businesses are looking forward to adopt new technologies for proper and smooth functioning of their communication and marketing network. One such technological advancements is cloud computing. It helps in smooth operation of application software through internet enabled devices. As it blends the latest technology and ease of access, different companies are taking its advantage for multiple reasons such as cost reduction, data security and easy, swift access to data.

In addition to this, you can find cloud models with three different protocols – public, private and hybrid. These types provide a large choice base to the customers with respect to the services that can suffice their needs. A few of these services are software backup, infrastructure, disaster recovery and storage of data. As this advancement profoundly enhances business growth of clients, many companies strive hard to provide cloud computing; however, not every service provider is able to achieve the level of quality and service.

Cofely Quentris, being one of the leading technology advanced companies, has collaborated with a few hi tech partners. Our collaboration with these leading companies led to a complete cloud computing service package with perfect attributes of genius and genuineness.

Cofely Quentris runs as a subsidiary representative of the Engie group to offer facilities such as connectivity, data networking, infrastructure and many more. We are one of the few companies to serve the Belgian business world with SLA (Service Legal Agreement) through cloud computing. The Service Legal Agreement specifies the complete package of services offered by the cloud computing resources to their customers. It can be accounted as an individual point of contact to recognize the terms and policies of support. In addition to this, Cofely Quentris offers classic information technology solutions such as storage, servers, backups of data, archiving of data and emails, virtualization and other value added services.

Our cloud computing solutions

PRIVATE CLOUD – A private cloud computing solution is installed in the client’s data center. An ‘on demand’ visualization of the information technology resources is made available to the users. The clients can have this support on the same infrastructure, a hybrid cloud structure or through Microsoft’s Azure, with complete assurance of transparency to the end user.

HYBRID CLOUD – With the advancement of technology in hybrid cloud computing service, we provide PAAS, SAAS and IAAS hosted in our Tier 3 data center in Gembloux. This solution is encompassed to work within the Belgian region. Our clients can also have abundant resources through Azure, a Microsoft cloud, to avail this offer.

As Cofely Quentris strives to bring the best for every business development, we collaborate to bring a variety of cloud services and offer our clients a wide selection of computing services.